A smart news reader built for productivity, powered by integrations.

Browse multiple websites at the same time

Check more than one website at a glance. Choose amongst 8 layouts.

Personalise your new tab

Take notes, add beautiful images, to do lists, clock and more.

Distraction free reading

Focus on the content of an article, dismiss all the noise.

Extensive search

Search in the feeds or across Panda for specific items.

Built-in bookmarking

Save articles and inspiration all within Panda.

Power features with integrations

Access Dribbble, Twitter, Pocket and Instagram all within Panda.

Panda is a news reader best experienced as Chrome Extension. You can also use as a web application as well.

We offer limited functionality on iOS. It's called Panda Lite and you can only browse features feeds. Soon we'll be providing an extended version of our reader on mobile.

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Why use Panda?
  • Customize your new tab, reach the news easily.
  • Improve your workflow with integrations.
  • Panda has no investors, it's a community driven app.
  • Reach any website / blog. Save time.
Folks using Panda every day
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